AHCA Holds Rule Workshop on Statewide Culture of Safety Survey Deployment

In 2020, the Florida Legislature passed HB 763 requiring the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) to implement a statewide Culture of Safety Survey for both hospitals and ASCs.  AHCA took a step toward implementation of the legislation when they introduced a draft rule last week.  

The draft rule calls for the AHRQ survey to be administered anonymously to all facility staff members within two years of the effective date of the rule and every two years thereafter.  The effective date is anticipated to be between late 2022 and early 2023.

The survey results are to be reported to AHCA according to the data file specifications found in the rule.  The proposed rule calls for the reporting to be between June 1st and August 31 of odd numbered years (following two years after the effective date) for ASCs and even numbered years for hospitals.  

AHCA is then expected to publish the aggregated survey results publicly.  

FSASC believes there is significant risk for ASCs in the survey and reporting process.  We are participating in the rulemaking and advocating that steps be taken to mitigate these concerns.  There is also opportunity in the process to show off the excellent care and safety culture within our ASCs.   

FSASC recommends preparing your staff in advance for the pending survey similar to how you respond with surveying organizations. Depending on your center’s familiarity with the culture of safety survey process you may need to do a little work to get ready.

How are other centers getting ready? 
There’s a lot to consider. Who do you need to lead the effort? Who will explain the process to staff members? How will you conduct the survey? What did the survey show? Do you have time to work on any areas that came back in the survey and conduct another survey before the submission deadline?  

What should you do first? Begin by reviewing existing materials.  Then make a plan on how to prepare for the survey process.  AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) has developed an ASC toolkit including a sample survey and user’s guide. To review these materials, click here to visit the AHRQ ASC site.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you plan accordingly. FSASC is developing resources for ASC administrators to help navigate this process. In the meantime, members can share their experiences and ask questions about the process through the online FSASC Member Community.