Hurricane Preparedness – Disaster Event Recovery Plan

Riteway Building Services has provided to FSASC Members this Disaster Event Recovery Plan.  If you print all of this out, complete it with your facility information, and assemble it with the cover and index on top, this suffices as your business continuity and recovery plan.

A- Critical Notification Numbers - 2015
B- Key Providers - Physician Recall - 2015
C- Staff Recall Coordinators - Recall Lists - 2015
D- Severe Weather Prep Guide 4 - 2015
E- Pre Storm Operations Checklist - 2015
F- Facility Shut Down List - 2015
G - Restoration of Services - 2016
H- Reoccupy Checklist - 2015
I- Water Intrusion Response Protocol - 2015
Severe Weather Recall Lists CVR -2015
Actual Disaster Event Evaluation Form - 2015a
Courtesy of Riteway Building Services
Bill Philips - Riteway Building Services, PO Box 293, Winter Park, FL 32790